Custom Dock Builder

A professional dock building company like Able Fence and Deck can help you maximize your outdoor waterfront space!

Having a waterfront piece of property is a luxury. To maximize your outdoor waterfront space, have the professionals at Able Fence and Deck build your dock today!

No two pieces of land are the same, and Able Fence and Deck can create any stairway, shape or fence that may be needed to give you a dream dock.
Docks can be customized for your specific needs, giving you access entering and exiting a body of water. Docks can even be used for recreation as you and your family spend time outdoors enjoying the water.

Able Fence and Deck is a dock company that specializes in customer service. Able Fence and Deck will meet with you, learn your goals, investigate your property and come up with a solution that has no hidden costs. Contact Able Fence and Deck today at 337-384-3301!

Able Fence and Deck Docks